Photography Club

1RoseNew this year to Buckingham is our very own “Photography Club” (sponsored by Ms. Wong & Ms. Saunders) in which students have been working on a weekly basis with professional photographer and Buckingham parent, Ashifa Virani, to produce beautiful and meaningful pictures.  Students have learned a variety of skills ranging from lighting, shadowing, focus techniques, and many, many more.  Check out below for some examples of what they’ve learned & what Photography Club members have said.

Oil Abstracts




“Did you know that a combination of water, oil, and dish soap creates oil abstract?”




“Did you know that using different angles of light can make multiple types of portraits?”




“Did you know you can make your focus blur out by focusing on something else?”



Painting with Light

1Paintwithlight2016-149KV 1Paintwithlight2016-126KV


“Did you know that you can paint with light by opening the shutter for a long time?”

1Paintwithlight2016-81KV 1Paintwithlight2016-79KV

“To create Ghoulish lighting, shine a light underneath the subject.  Ex. Light underneath a face creates a ghoulish portrait.”1_MG_0018e 1_MG_0017e 1_MG_0016e

“When doing portraits, the best angle lighting to use is at a 45 degree angle”

1_MG_0013e 1_MG_0011E 1_MG_0009E

“Did you know that when you point the camera at the sun’s direction or at a light, then it will make the subject black and create a silhouette?”1_MG_0008E