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We miss you!

We hope you all are safe, healthy, and managing well at home. We miss you and can’t wait until we are all back together again.

With love from,

Ms. Baird, Ms. Wilson, Ms. Wise, Ms. Wong, Mrs. Canderle, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Morrison, Ms. Pastora, Ms. Schwarz, Ms. Ho, Ms. Saunders, Ms. Coelho, Mrs. Klassen, Mrs. Rosen, Mrs. Engst, Ms. Veikle, Ms. Carson, Mrs. Lee, Ms. Pour, Ms. Hartley, Ms. D, Mr. Parco, Ms. Zhou, Ms. McAllister, Mr. Cohen, Ms. Tapajna, Mr. Lalani, Ms. Carson, Ms. Anania, Ms. Nylander, Mr. Ros