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The following is a list of Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting dates for 2017-18.  This is where you get to find out what’s going on in the school, ask questions, meet other parents, volunteer, give your ideas, and just get involved.  We’d love to see more of you there and welcome new people at any time.  So please, join us for our PAC meetings on the following evenings @ 6:30 pm (we usually finish before 8:00 pm). There will be 1 daytime meeting this year which will be on Tuesday afternoon @ 1:30 pm.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on January 30th, 2019

Sept 18th (1:30pm) Jan 30th (6:30pm) May 6th (6:30pm)
Oct. 22nd (6:30pm) Feb 25th (6:30pm) Jun 10th (6:30pm)
Nov. 26th (6:30pm) Apr 8th (6:30pm)

*Babysitting is available for evening meetings.  Please let the office know 1 day in advance     (604-296-9004)

Buckingham PAC email:

PAC Meeting Minutes – Buckingham Elementary PAC Meeting September 2018

– Buckingham Elementary PAC Meeting nov 2018

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