School Plan

SCHOOL GOAL 2023-2024

Mathematics Goal:
To build competence in the students’ ability to explain mathematical thinking

Social-Emotional Learning Focus:

To develop a deeper understanding of our needs and how to meet our needs in appropriate ways.



Buckingham Elementary Mission Statement:
To work together as a community to create a safe and nurturing environment that recognizes the unique learning styles of each student and promotes social responsibility and lifelong learning.

Burnaby Board of Education Mission Statement:
To prepare and support an inclusive, caring community of learners for the challenges of a changing tomorrow.

B.C. Ministry of Education:
To enable all learners to develop their individual potential and to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to contribute to a healthy, democratic, and pluralistic society.


At Buckingham, our teaching is built on our four school values: Respect, Responsibility, Empathy, and Integrity.  It is through these core values that our students are learning about the world around them, as well as helping them to acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will enable them to be successful in the future.


The staff, students, and parents of Buckingham Elementary School work together to create a safe environment. We believe that children must feel emotionally and physically secure to fully participate in active learning. We strive to nurture the whole child and honour individuality. The unique learning style of each child is recognized and developed through varied differentiated learning experiences, inside and outside of the classroom. We practice and model consistency, fairness, and respect to develop a socially responsible school culture.

*School community input is valued and important to us. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact Vicki Moro at